Chief Executive Officer

Rob Carbonaro

As Chief Executive Officer Rob is committed to driving sustained growth and innovation for the company by creating value for customers.

Rob has more than 25 years experience in leadership positions within successful, high-growth technology companies. Rob previously held a variety of roles within the company including President and Chief Operating Officer. Rob was Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for CourseAdvisor Inc. which later became Avenue100 after it was acquired by The Washington Post in 2007.  Prior to CourseAdvisor, Rob was Vice President of Sales and Client Services at Experience, Inc.

Rob also held sales leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard within the Computer Products Division. During this time revenue grew from $300 million to more than $8 billion. Previously, Rob held a variety of leadership positions at NEECO Inc., helping the company grow revenue from under $10 million to more than $250 million in five years and completing a successful IPO.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Plymouth State University and an MBA from Babson College.